Your new space

Sende Portugal   

It’s coming very soon and we want give you something super valuable so you can help us to build it together.

After six years of building and running one of the most notable countryside projects in Europe, we are finally launching Sende 2, in the countryside of Setubal, 30 minutes from Lisbon.

🏔️ What is Sende?

Sende is a rural coworking & coliving space.  Village offices located in tiny villages, where entrepreneurs, creatives, digital nomads and thinkers come to work. Place where you work on your deadline, while we all cook together in the nature. 

Not just that, it’s the place where events on conflict-transformation, peacebuilding, illustration and creative techonolgy are taking place. 

Sende became a pioneer in the world with a new solution for abandoned rural areas where we connect connect technology with people in the nature. 

Coliving blueprint

You want to build and run a (rural) coliving space with social impact and profitable at the same time? 

Get a full access to our planning, thinking and decision making process (whole behind the scenes) with all templates, ideas, tools and tasks so you and your team can do it as well. 


– Access to our online tool where all tasks, ideas and strategy is created (follow it in a real time)
– Details on how to automate processes
– How to do marketing campaigns for new spaces with all steps
– Complete behind the scenes of Sende team
– 10 days in Sende Portugal for a team of max. 3 persons


Get immediate access to documents that are going to be updated with our progress. 

Here goes the text that explains the reward. Like the mini landing page with a good copy. Maybe lego can enter here?