Download Sende and install it in your village. Congratulations! Your local place has a real coworking & coliving space now.

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Xoel is from Parada, a Galician village with 860 inhabitants.  He has just finished his studies. Now Xoel has two options:

1: Look for a job in Vigo or Madrid. He wanted to stay in his village, but there are no opportunities.

2: Download Sende and install it in Parada and create job opportunities for the whole village.


Awiti is a girl from one African village called Bonte in Ghana. She reads a lot about innovation and DIY experiments.

The rest of her time Awiti spends helping her family in the local shop.

She just found out about the possibility of starting Sende in Bonte. 


You will have access to detailed information, blueprints and templates on how to:

🏡 Convert a village space or a house into minimalistic but functional Sende. This means a space where you can do everything we do in our space. 

🏚️ You will learn how to reuse old buildings and convert old furniture into Pinterest furniture.

You will even get art for your space.  


💻 If some spaces cannot afford the basics, we will provide routers as well as laptops and hammocks.


🌺 Instructions and good practices on how to promote Sende and onboard the new members (onboarding is the advanced way of a warm welcome to your guests).

You won’t have to worry too much about marketing and promotion as we will help you put your space on the map.


⚡ You will get access to, our online camp where you and your members get to learn how to launch their own tiny businesses while following the same method we use to launch all our projects.

This online camp will be the sustainability engine  for your space. 

 🤖You will learn how to automate boring stuff and processes that involve running your space, so everyone can focus on creating and building a different project. 


👩🏽‍💻👨🏼‍🚀 You will get to host digital nomads and other members from our spaces. We will “send” digital nomads your way from all over the world.

 They will visit you and spend 50% of their time helping your space with their skills.

 For example, Alice from Portland is the best project manager we met. She can simplify all organizational processes in your space and make them run automatically. She is also into gardening.

This means that your village will host incredible people from all over the world who will not just come as tourists, but also help you run projects to make your workspace better.

And of course, all of these people will be clients in the village: they will contribute by buying from the shop, the bars and will use local services. 


Your place will be free (without paid membership) and anyone can access it. You can only split monthly costs among all members and visitors (electricity, internet, water, garbage costs).

 You will make a living from projects that are built on your own and with other visitors (that’s why you will get access to our online camp). 

You will even get access to our already tested tiny business ideas. Your job would be to launch and run them.

Your place will host many people from all over the world and they will also network with locals from your village.

We will make a bigger impact with “Download Sende” than thousands of other programs that waste money while “looking for solutions” on how to help villages. 



This program is not for typical opportunists who like the quick bucks. 

It’s for you, who really cares about making a local community work. 

This program will never be political, but it will be open for village mayors (local presidents) who would like to offer  public spaces for free so people who care can start their own Sende. 

By installing Sende in the village, could be the smartest move for any mayor with a vision. 



Download Sende will be completely free for Xoel, Awiti and all people working for the same cause. 

Only small city councils that run villages who need Sende will have to pay. And then the price will be 20x cheaper then the cost of typical subsidies that are often unsustainable. 



In 2020. Soon we are starting with running tests on different contintents. If you know someone who would be a match, please send them this link. 

To contact us, write to us at (please be brief, max. 500 characters for the start). 



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Written by Edo Sadikovic, co-founder of Sende. 
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