That is right, climb on the tree with your team and start talking with your team. 

As a kid, whenever I would climb that walnut tree with with my grandfather, small me became big. 

When we work on conflict resolution, we often use a book on Non Violent Communication, by Marshal Rosenberg. He speaks about giraffe and jackal language. Jackal is mean, because it cannot see the big picture like giraffe. Be like a giraffe. 

Tree meetings  will immediately put you in unexpected place, uncommon for the meetings. These kind of places help you see things differently and contribute to your team with new solutions. 


Trees are often uncomfortable.  That is good, your meeting will be shorter. You are in the nature, you will probably laugh and help your team member to climb. That is called fast teambuilding. 

Many people can’t climb it. But tree can me just a metaphors for re-thinking your meetings. Sometimes just a walking meeting while near the river or in the forest can convert that problem into solution. 

Typical visitors to our tiny village in Sende are mostly from  urban areas. They explain their increase in creativity because of the village silence. 

But it’s not just that. People forget to change their environments (urban to rural, urban cemented park with a forest, sounds of the city fountain with the stream of river) and this sudden change of environment make us  think completely differently.

 Tree meeting idea came from our new space in Portugal. Sende is located under 92 oak and cork trees. 10 seconds climb gives us different thinking perspective. 

We don’t like meetings, but when we need to have them, we take a walk, or we do them in the village pool in the Spanish Sende or we just climb that tree.

Try it out and please be safe, because meetings are not very healthy.  

Sende are coworking and coliving space, located in tiny villages in Spain and Portugal. Like village offices, where entrepreneurs, teams, digital nomads and creatives come to work on their projects. 

Actually, we are building Portuguese Sende right now and we are offering the finest products and events in exchange for your help. 

This is one time offer and we would love that you check it out.