Create from home. Please 😷

Sende Covid-19 effect for creators

Let’s create “Sende coliving effect” at your home. 

If you are at your place because of the corona virus, maybe it’s a good time to start working on that project that you were postponing for a long time. 

To create this effect, please follow these steps:

1. Put a plant on your desk or near your workspace to simulate Sende nature.

2. Start working on that project that you were postponing for a long time. 

3. Send us your progress or results (sketch, idea, thought, text) here and we will publish it on this page. 

It can be anything you like to work on. 

One drawing, explanation of your tiny business idea, tell us what are you coding right now, send us a photo of that thing you are making with your tools and hands, you can even send us photo of the recipes you always wanted to try out. 

What is this Sende coliving effect?

Sende coliving effect is like a library effect. If we see that many people are studying around us, we also study. 

So if you are staying at home, as thousands of others, let’s all share our art and progress here and get inspired to create more.

You need a job?

If someone hires you because of the work you present here, we will offer a 3 day stay for 2 people from the company that hires you. 

This way we want to help all freelancers who lost their clients during these days. This client must pay you at least 500€ and they will get free stay in 2020, dates to be confirmed. 

We promise that we will share this with at least 1000 companies and probably more. 

Who can submit work here?

Anyone, not just people who stayed in Sende. If your work promotes racism, hate or anything similar, just throw it to the garbage instead of bothering to send us  

Why we do this?

We canceled our next two events, so we just have free time to do stuff like this. Also, we want to help other fellow creators to find a job.

Many of our friends lost their clients and jobs and that was their only income. 

To send your work, just mail us at


 or tag/DM us on social media.

1. In the email, please attach your work (not your portfolio but a sketch you did these days, or a text or a link to your project). We will publish it here. It would be cool if you send us a photo of your workspace (with or without you in it). With a plant of course. 

2. Your name and surname (if you don’t want to have your name published, just skip this step)

3. Link to your profile (or to your portfolio) that we can link under your name (it can be instagram handle like @sende)


🏔️ What is Sende?

Sende is a rural coworking & coliving space in northern Spain and soon also in Portugal. 

“Offices” located in a tiny village, where entrepreneurs, creatives, digital nomads and thinkers come to work. Place where you work on your project, while we all cook together in nature.

And not just that. It’s also space where we organize events on conflict-transformation, peacebuilding, illustration, and creative technology take place.

Sende became a pioneer in the world with a new solution for abandoned rural areas where we connect technology with people in the nature. Check more here. 

You think this is interesting? Please share it with other creators. Thank you