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New adventures coming-up in September!

Mozilla and Sende join forces to end Summer in the best way.


A retreat in a gem-village in the Galician Mountains.

A 4-days challenge to build together a European Manifesto to advocate for a free culture, creativity and innovation on the Web.


When: To be confirmed (dates were changed in the last moment)

Where: Sende is rural coworking/co-living space located in national park Xures in Northern Spain (Galicia)


Who we’re looking for:


We’re challenging Spanish and Italian creatives, artists, social and digital innovators, educators, hackers and dreamers, Web lovers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs, startup founders and designers, activists and journalists, researchers. If you believe that the future of the European digital economy must be fair and inclusive and you want to make your voice heard, this is your chance.

We’re looking for 15 bold rebels, doers, and pioneers eager to collaborate to build a sustainable and innovative future.


How does it work?


(The Campaign is lead by a non-profit Foundation but we hope we’ll be able to offer soon financial support to the participants)


Price for person


€30 and includes: 

Food and accommodation in shared and private rooms


How do I get to Sende?


From Italy

Arriving to Sende is a worthy, beautiful adventure: that’s why we chose this unique place.

We suggest you to book your flight as soon as possible for one of these destination (the closest to Sende): Porto, Vigo or Santiago de Compostela (flights from Milan, Bologna, Rome and more). We’re completely available to give you information (also in Italian!) and support to plan your trip step by step.


From Spain


By car or train/bus to Ourense then a bus to Bande (1h) and the team from Sende will wait for you there. 

We will connect you with participants coming from the same direction to share the ride. 


Awesome! Where do I sign?

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The Mozilla Foundation and The Campaign


The Mozilla Foundation, at the global forefront of the fight for a free, open and accessible Internet as a public and inclusive resource, is taking a stand against the new European Copyright Reform with the Campaign #ChangeCopyright (side by side with actors like Creative Commons, Communia, Kennisland, Open Media and many more).

The European Institutions are currently discussing a Reform that will permanently destroy the way we produce and share information online, our freedom to inform, innovate and find new opportunities, careers, and networks.

The Reform is in its last stages of discussion, and we don’t have much time to make the difference. We’ve decided to bring the action inside 8 local communities (4 in Italy, 4 in Spain), partnering with independent cultural centers, innovation hubs, independent educational centers and an endless number of social and digital innovators.


What are we going to do?


We’ll spend some time learning and talking about what’s happening in the European digital economy and what the future has in store for us. We’ll give essential information and hints for anyone using the Web to share, innovate, inform, create and doing business.

However, this challenge will be all focused on doing: we’ll have a lot of fun producing a collaborative document, a Manifesto in which we’ll elaborate our idea of free Web and digital economy.

We’ll bring your ideas, stories, and the Manifesto to the next steps of the Campaign (to be signed by the other actors of this fight) and right under the eyes of our Representatives in Brussels.


The Program will soon be public


What’s in it for me?


You’ll get the chance to participate in a huge European mobilization led by giants of the open source culture. This retreat in Sende will be different from the other events of the Campaign: it’ll be the only opportunity to connect with like minded people and put your ideas into the first bottom-up document about the future of the European digital economy and Copyright policies.

We’re building a network for the many battles that will come in the next years: you don’t want to miss the chance to be part of it from the beginning!


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