We are located in Senderiz, Lobeira | 35 minutes from Portugal. See the location on the map.

Before or after reaching Sende, you will have a chance to enjoy a mix of big cultural cities.

Porto, Santiago de Compostela, Ourense or Vigo will be on your way. Yet, colorful and wildlife nature in Senderiz is the perfect contrast for your stay. 

We recommend that you spend 80% of your time at our place. Get your work done or develop your next big idea right here. Find a supportive community of people and cozy atmosphere. 

Rest of your time you can spend on having Port wine or speaking with the pilgrims of Santiago.  Our favorite break is sipping coffee and eating sardines on the Portuguese coast (only 90 min. drive).

Sende house



Santiago de Compostela | 1h:30min from Sende | Low-cost flights|  it takes you 23 radio songs to arrive

Porto, Portugal | 2h from Sende | Drive through the most beautiful national park in Portugal until you reach Sende| Low-cost flights | 33 radio songs

Vigo | 1h:30min from Sende |  23 radio songs



From the airports in Santiago and Vigo, you can catch the train to Ourense. From Ourense, we can pick you up (45 min drive).

From Porto, you can catch a shuttle bus to Ponte de Lima, beautiful historical town in Portugal. Then we will come to pick you up (1h drive).

Sende location
sende location


We think that time to arrive at one place is not connected with a real time, it is more about if you are bored or not. Behind the team of Sende are world travelers. Most of our visitors and friends are globetrotters as well. Some of the tricks we use to switch a perspective on time spent in transport is playing various games which are helping us to stay entertained. 

Use this and this link to find some fine puzzles.


photo credit: Rocio Durand (first 3 photos from Sende) and Petra (analog photos from Porto)