We are located in Senderiz, Lobeira,  |  35 minutes from Portugal. See the location on the map.


 Para traducción al castellano haz click aquí.



The best way to reach Sende is by car. Use your GPS or ask the villagers on the road about the direction. They are both precise. 

Manolo Sende


Closest airports are in Porto, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. Only 2 hours driving from Sende or 23 radio songs. 

If you are coming from Spain, reach Ourense. From there take the bus to Bande (1h drive). There are 3 buses per day. When in Bande, the team from Sende will be waiting for you. 



Ourense – Bande 




Bande – Ourense 




From train station to bus station is just 10 minutes walk

Sende location

On your way to Sende, you will have a chance to enjoy a mix of big cultural cities.

Porto, Santiago de Compostela, Ourense or Vigo will be on your way. Yet, colorful and wildlife nature in Senderiz is the perfect contrast for your stay. 

We recommend that you spend 80% of your time at our place. Get your work done or develop your next big thing right here. Find a supportive community of people and cozy atmosphere. 

Rest of your time you can spend on having Port wine or speaking with the pilgrims of Santiago.  Our favorite break is sipping coffee on the Portuguese coast. 

Handsome gentleman in the photo is our neighbor Manolo.

Photo of Porto is by Petra from Croatia, taken with her’s grandma’s analog camera.